Where theres fire, theres smoke

“Customer? What the fuck are you talking about?” he screams at me, his fear obviously out of control. Perfect. Humans are so much easier to control when they’re afraid.
“You, my lucky little friend, are now a Snatcher.”I say to his obvious confusion.
“Okay, someone screws up, gets in bad with the big man upstairs, and its your job to go pick up that poor bastard and bring him to Hell.”I say exhasperatedly. Mortals can be pretty frikin stupid sometimes.
“So wait a minute,”he ventures cautiously,”Do I get paid?”
“Paid? Paid? Your pay is that I dont flay the skin from your bones and devour your eternal soul, my little ray of sunshine. Now step on it. Never keep the customer waiting is our motto.”I burst out laughing in the backseat as he floors it. I take another puff on my cig to his ovious discomfort.”Get used to it old sport,”I say,”Theres alot of fire where your goin. And where theres fire,theres smoke.” He gulps fearfully as I continue to laugh in the backseat.

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