Nights Without Sleep

He lied to me, said it would be in the room, they have it with them, lied again, now all I have is 5 dead bodies and a lot of blood to clean off. No leads, no package.

I go out the window, the way I came in, too dark in the alley for anyone to see me. I climb down the drain, four floors and I am on the ground.

I need to find Garret, he lies again and he dies. He`ll be hiding, he knows I`ll come for him, knows what I do to people. He won`t be easy to find.

I head to his apartment, it`s empty, not a trace. But he was in too much of a hurry to take the furniture. I sit on the couch to rest, I am tired. I sleep, after 3 days of no sleep this is where I choose to rest.

I wake up to the sound of the front door being kicked in, I am quick, quicker than the fat man walking down the hall. I watch from the window, luckily this old brick building has a lot of places for my feet to sit.

The fat man is not alone, he brought muscles, looks like Garret has been spreading the love. I gotta find him first.

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