Abbie is Reunited With Family

The girls separated and went to their own homes anxious to see their families.
“I’ll see you later Alexia. For today I just want to spend time with my family and get a nice warm bath.” Abbie said before she knocked on the door.
“Me too.” Replied Alexia as she walked over to her own house.
With that, Abbie knocked on her house door. The door opened and there she saw her mother. Her skin was as white as a ghost’s. She looked sick; it was as if she hadn’t slept in forever.
“Abbie?” She said in a hoarse voice. “Abbie! You’re home! Where have you been?!”
Abbie’s mother grabbed her and smothered her in a hug.
“I was out walking with Alexia and a really thick fog rolled in and we got lost. We couldn’t find our way back so we spent the night in a nearby cave. Then we got lost in the cave and had to climb out through a hole in the top of it.” Abbie replied.
“Come on in and get a bath. Are you hungery?” Her mother asked.
“No. We ate on the way back.” Abbie replied as the door shut behind her.

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