Cass and Char series pt1

My last summer. The summer I’ve been patiently waiting for. Seniors. Wow seven years of waiting. nothing could go wrong-until I saw her.
“Omg is it not Cassie Kent!?” I heard the annoyingly happy voice before I saw the speaker.
“Charlie?!” I couldn’t believe it was Charlie Peters. I haven’t seen Charlie since forever. According to her more-than-happy-to-see-me voice she forgot the “Big Fight”. The fight was stupid. I like Ben and she took him. I started a rumor that she was cheatig on Ryan Fitz-Ben’s best friend. lets just say I didn’t throw her a moving away party when she left to Vermont. Now, four years later, on the cusp of boarding the airplane to my little slice of heaven here was Heavens Gaurd blocking my way.
“So Charlie, where are you going?”
“I’m going to Camp Cariobu.” I stood there dumbstruck. Charlie Peters was not going to my camp. And most definitley not going there on my last summer.
“Me too.” I said in a quiet voice.
“OMG YAY you can show me around-we can be BFFS again!”
Oh crap.

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