James stormed into the apartment slammed the door behind him.
Made a few paces across the living room before slinging himself into the duct taped recliner.
Head in hands he stared vacantly at the floor.
Tim stumbbled into the room laughing and running his mouth ninty to nothing as ususal.
“Shut up” James yelled.
“What’s your problem” Tim snapped back?
“Nothing” James grumbbled.
“Girly problems” Tim teased,
sticking his finger in James face?
James slapped Tim’s hand away,”do you ever shutup” he screamed,” I’m so sick of you, man”?
“Not what your girlfriend says” Tim implied.
James twisted his head, his eyes met Tim’s,
“what did you say”?
“I said, I’m seeing Linda”.
“She’s was afraid to tell you, so I’am telling you” Tim said rather proud of himself.
Seething with anger, James mind went blank.
The next thing he could remember was Tim laying in the floor blood seeping from his chest, and a gun hanging from his hand.
He shoved the gun into his backpack and headed for Del Mason Hall.

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