Writer's Block

“C’mon” she moaned

She slumped over onto the keyboard and stared at the cursed blinking black line. She’d been here before ofcourse-writer’s block. But it had never been this bad. Her thoughts refused to settle or cohere into anything even close to literary right now.

“This essay’s due tomorrow, and that was with the week long extension,” She said. Only the silence answered her.

She banged her head on the desk again, her frustration building as the deadline loomed closer. She downed another Red Bull and grimaced against the syrupy flavor. She threw the empty can into the trash can where five others loitered. Then she began to pace about the room.

“Calm Down” A voice called behind her

She spun on her heals like a top, and her eyes widened when she saw who had spoken.

“Who are you?”

A young blonde woman appeared before her. She wore a fluttery sky blue chitton and an aura of magic and power.

“I’m Kyriel, your muse” she answered
“Wow, okay I should lay off the Red Bull,”

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