My Mother's Eyes

Matt yelled back from across the hall,
“No! I’m busy!”
I opened my door to call at him.
“Get the damn phone!!” I yelled angrily.
Matt seemed to streak to my door out of nowhere, our faces inches apart. His emerald green eyes seemed to pierce me. Willy was still lying on top of Matt’s head, the kitten’s head tilted as if wondering how he got here so fast. Matt looked quite comical with Willy mew-ing every few seconds, however, Matt’s expression remained serious.
I am not going to get the phone,” Matt said. “You will go get the phone.
He put a calm emphasis in every single word.
Matt had an odd way of making people do things. His green eyes, my mother’s eyes, seemed controlling, hypnotizing. He exercised this odd power on me, but rarely.
I couldn’t look away from his piercing eyes.
“I’ll nev-Damn it.” I mumbled, and moped off to get the phone.
I looked over over to Mel.
“Be right back.” I said, as Matt streaked back to his room.

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