Summer Love

He was nervous. The thought struck him dimly as he noticed his sweaty palms. His brow was furrowed and his nose was sunburned. But he was still undeniably cute.
She was nervous too. But she knew it well, and it made her feel relieved. When she was this nervous, things never went wrong. She, in her state of happiness, was undeniably pretty.
They actually bumped into each other on a shaded piece of the trail. He had been staring at the ground and she gazing at the sky.
When they saw each other the emotions quietly broke loose. His nervousness completely died down and hers flared up dramatically. They exchanged greetings and walked along together in the beautiful summer day.
The longer they walked, the more they talked, and the more they talked, the more comfortable they became. After an hour, they were laughing amicably and he had even slipped an arm around her waist.
Before they departed, he leaned over and kissed her quickly. They were very much happy to have found each other on this beautiful summer day.

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