I spun around and playfully gave Shade a push.

“What’s wrong, Skippy? We all got high on air, just… you know… you’re one of those guys that gets depressed when they get high. Like Mikey!” I started laughing, and Rachel joined me, having met ‘Daddy Dearest’ long ago. Shade sighed again.

“I am not high, I have the sense to not go crazy when some song comes on the radio.”

“Aw, PFF !” I yelled. “What happened to you singing along to ‘Beleive’??”

“You swore you would never tell!” Shade began to laugh, Rachel and me joining him. We were just a laughing mess, audible to any pedestrian. We got weird looks, but we were having fun. I pushed Rachel, not enough to screw up her steering, but whatever, and pointed at a random guy.

’’OH MY GOD ! IT’S TOM CRUISE !” I yelled, laughing even harder.

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