One Doozy of a Car Alarm

He squeels down the roads at speeds that would give any self respecting drivers ed teacher a heart attack. I sit in the back and smoke, occasionaly calling out directions.
“Ah. Here we are, old sport.”I say as we pull up to the station.”Now, we just got to waltz in there and pick up the client.”I grind the butt I was smoking into the ground with my heel, breathing in the warm night air. I start towards the station and he follows me. Suddenly I realize that I forgot something.”O my old sport! We forgot to set the car alarm!”I dig inside of my pin stripe suit, searching for the keys.”Ah, there we are”I say as I find them in my breast pocket. I pull them out and Murray grabs his pocket like theres something reaching in.”Neat trick, huh?”I say with a smile. I push the red button to arm the car alarm. Instanly the pavement boils and a barely clothed demon with roiling muscles steps up and stands by our car It looks at me and I throw it a casual wink.
“Thats one doozy of a car alarm.”I hear Murray say behind me.

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