Password Change

So I’m sitting around in the IT department, a million computers behind me. And yet it’s nothing new. Suddenly, Seb pops out from behind a stack of hard drives.
”|-|3y D4v1d, wh4t’s g01ng 0n?” he asks.
He’s looking kind of eager, like there’s something on his mind that he wants to say.
“1 g0t y0ur em41l,” I told him.
”$0 4r3 w3 r34Ã?¥?”
He looks menacingly back towards his cubicle, and runs back to continue coding. He would have, but his telephone interrupts.
“Just reboot,” he says as he hangs up. “Technologically challenged employees,” he mutters.

I turn my attention back to my console. It’s was time for an action that all the employees had dreaded for months. Time to force new passwords upon them.
“H0w 4b0ut 256 ch4r4ct3rs?” asked Seb.
Of course, we know that changing passwords regularly doesn’t do much. But no matter; it’s what the consultants told us to do.
As I press the button, I wonder if every employee will be able to remember…

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