{Metaphors and Alliteration Challenge}

Lonely, Linda lingered by the wicked water.
The moonlight poured into the water like a shimmering liquid luring her lakeside.
Her mind wandered like wildlife in the thick of a deep dark forest.
Her tormented thoughts, topsy- turvy, spiraling, spinning, speeding out of control.
Was her wanton wasteful life worth living?
As she tried to lift the spirit of her sullen soul,
kind wishful words were whispered in her ear.
“Your eye’s and smile so bright like sunlight that fills the sky
I can’t stand to see your sadness.
Why do your tears flow like rain?
I want to see your smile, as you watch the fallen leaves scurry around your feet.
Happiness is what I want for you hurting heavy heart.
I offer you the comfort of a warm fire; while snow falls outside blanketing the ground.
Call my name and I will lead you through the dark and into the light and love will fill you like the flowers fill the gardens in spring.”

Linda listened to the sumptuous soft spoken speaker’s voice
go on she begged.

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