Friday Night Lights Part 3

We walked up the bleachers and found a seat by Bridget, Maggie, and Debbie. Debbie is my other lil sis for soccer. (I was the only one on the team to get two.) We sat down and the team came on the field as we screamed for them. Bridget and Maggie are at every game, their dad is the coach of the team.

“Here, watch this, he’s going to wave, behind his back, he does it every game, it’s for us.” Maggie said well pointing at her dad. I watched and I saw him put his hand behind his back and wave. How cool I thought.

“It seems like the kind of thing like in a movie, except in the movie, the dad when become so obsessed with his job that one day he would forget to do it, and it would be a big deal.” I commented. “Not that that would ever happen here, I was just… yeah.”

“No I get it, and I don’t understand how he remembers every-time, I would forget.” Maggie said.

“Yeah so would I.” I looked over at Bridget…

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