“I say one word out o’ line, and ‘e throws me in ‘ere? Some ruler ‘e is.” His voice was scarcely above a whisper, fear struck into his heart since the day King Adelio was put on the throne. His own scribe, thrown into prison for saying Peace is not an option anymore.

“He’s gon’ end up dead one day, and I’m not gonna be there, because ‘e threw me in pris’n. I can’t beleive ‘im.” Josh shook his head as the guards walked in.

“Were you talkin’?” One asked harshly. It seemed that the King was the only one allowed to speak properly. Or the only one who knew how.

“No, I wasn’t talking!” Josh returned to his normal proper English, rolling his eyes at the guards’ inability to alternate between dialects. They didn’t notice. They never noticed.

“Well I ‘eard voices!”

“Oooh, schizophrenia. Better get that checked out, could get you fired!” Josh smarted off whenever he pleased. He was too valued to be killed. At least by a guard.

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