Friday Night Lights Part 4

The truth is, I don’t really know Bridget that well. I mean I know who she is, but basically I’ve just met her this year.

Bridget and Linz seem to be hanging out a lot, so now I have been seeing her more often. Of course Bridget is in my team also, in my french, gym/health, and math class, so I have been seeing her there too.

And it seems like I will be seeing a lot more of her, so I guess I will do the best to tell you about her, at least as much as I know.

Bridget, I guess she is someone who everyone just thinks of as a nice person. Like polite, and nice to everyone. I don’t know if I could imagine Bridget ever going off on somebody. I just couldn’t see it.

In a way, maybe she’s like the girl equivalent to Bryce.
Nice, sweet and polite to everyone. I couldn’t imagine Bryce bad talking anyone either.

But that’s all I really know, Linz seems to laugh a lot when she’s with her, so I’m guessing she has a good sense of humor, but I guess I will just have to wait and get to know her.

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