I'm Slipping Away

My sky is filled with the lies & perceptions of the confused. My skies are under attack from my sole of my feet to my single eyelashes. My body feels light & but I feel full with the deception and the simple pains of those that call themselves my friends, my soulmates. When will I get over the perception that I am not as what they said I am. I will never be that image that I stride for. Just that alone is tearing me apart, not being able to express it or supress it in the right way is slowly covering up and fogging up my judgement and the way I preceive things and subjects. Now because of my choices that I given myself to react to, I setting myself to fail but I wont speak it. What is going on with you? I ask myself many many times. Why do you put yourself through they same strains of pain knowing the same outcome. Why cant I be real with myself & stop lying to myself. Do you see that picture? The reds and the shadows of my choices and judgements are covering up what I call my happiness. I’m slipping away…

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