In Dire Need Of Hair Spray

“Okay, bring the phone back when your done so I can use it!” I yelled down to him.

Why didn’t he just make Matt do it?

I walked around and looked at anything that was look-worthy. When I came across his mirror, though, I noticed my hair was sticking up and frizzy from tangoing. I tried matting it down, but it still sprung right back up.

“Fine, but you owe me money back for buying the pizza.” Hayden was coming back.

Oh gaud, hurry up, find something! I rushed around his room looking for anything that was a spray and could have potential to keep my hair down. I came across something that read “Axe”. I didn’t know what Axe was, but whatever it was it had a spray nozzle and I could use it. I sprayed it all around my head, and while it didn’t do very much, it did something.

Hayden walked in carrying the phone, and only had to take one sniff before asking, “Why does it smell like my Axe in here?”

“What?” I put an innocent face on and ran my hand down my head.

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