Now he had really crossed the line. I was angry. I was angry, and Jake knew it.

“Like you? You just made fun of my best friend in the entire world, and now you want me to be friends with someone like you?”

I wasn’t fond of fighting, but if there was one thing that would temporarily get my out of my shell, it was someone that insulted Max. Of course that rarely every happened, because just about everyone loved Max.

Jake looked at me, helpless for a moment, and then tried again.

“No, I didn’t mean to insult him. I like Max. He’s a nice guy. I really only meant to get you to think about it. And also to give me an opening to turn the conversation towards me, have you talk for a moment, and then interupt you.”

“What? You only talked bad about Max so you could get the conversation to turn towards you, only so you could interupt me?”

Jake remained silent for a moment, then spoke.

“I didn’t finish.”

“Well I don’t really think that you should finish, thank y-”

And then he kissed me.

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