Now Or Never

Life in silence; Life without words.
That chimed in my head.Life really felt that way because whenever I called out for help,even in the middle of the city,the people passed by,ignoring me.It felt like it all was in slow motion.It was like they didn’t care.
I grabbed my umbrella next to me a twirled it around.I just bought it today for no reason at all.It wasn’t raining,but I felt I needed it.
I ran my fingers over the navy fabric and picked at a leaf that was stuck to it.I got up and opened the umbrella.
I was about to move along down the broken,sad,and gloomy path when I spied a small book.It was hidden under the leaves and was made of dark brown leather.
Keeping my eyes fixed on the book,I put down my umbrella a walked toward it.I picked it up and flipped one of the pages.A note was at the top:
I hope I found a way out of this crazy world. I hope I ended it all.
Holding this book seemed so familiar to me.It felt as though it contained the stories of my life and the thoughts I would keep forever.

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