Bad Girl Meets Not Much Better Girl

Against her better judgment, Emma has let the demon persuade her to accompany him to a party. She pulls on a T-shirt and some jeans. At first she thinks she’ll need to cut a hole for her tail, but to her surprise it passes right through the denim.

Nobody seems to pay much attention to them as they walk down the block to Hanna’s house. Emma guesses what the demon said was right—people just don’t notice.

Emma knocks on the door, and Hanna opens it. She looks annoyingly well-rested after last night, but she’s always been that way. “Emma! About last night, was that—” Then she gets an odd look on her face. Before Emma can react, Hanna has embraced her tightly and started kissing her on the mouth, deeply.

“Hanna!” Emma gasps, when she can pry her face away. “I—never knew you were bi.”

Hanna blinks. “I’m…not. But you’re just soooo sexy, you make me want to learn!” And then she’s dragging Emma into the house.

“Help!” Emma squeaks.

The demon follows them inside. “I think I’m gonna make some popcorn.”

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