3am Enlightenment

It’s 3am. We should be home sleeping, like good little children. But I’m shedding my good girl image. It’s 3am and I’m sitting on a bench sipping a beer laughing with my friends. We laughing and tickling each other and most of the drink is dribbling down my hand and landing on the table. But it feels alright. We’re happy and giggling.

The streetlights are bright, but I can still see the stars burning in the sky. I mention my idea of burning stars like burning dreams and everyone clinks glasses and laughs. We’re just kids, just stupid kids drinking beers, laughing and talking; and it feels so good

My mind wanders to Charlie. Maybe he was right. About the whole feeling infinite thing, because right now I feel infinite. Sitting here between my friends I feel invincible. This is one of the memories I’ll never forget.

The goody-two shoes has fled. I like this version of me, rebellious, without a care. I don’t have to worry about failures and grades. I don’t have to think about passing my exam and test. I am me.

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