The lights and sounds. The whir of the rides and the sickly sweet smell of cotton candy. For a small fee you can be in heaven. I’m here along tonight. My friends bailed at the last minute. But I love it here, I can have fun just walking around and watching the world

Their is something about the carnival that just makes you see the world through little kid eyes. Everything becomes a blur of color, a whirlwind of sound and it’s surreal. It’s all perfect.

I have my camera poised, snapping pictures of everything. I want to capture this feeling. I want to save this feeling, bottle the ‘carnival experience’ like others do perfume.

However later tonight when I will upload the pictures they will be just 2-d images on a screen. Sure the carnival will be in the picture, but the feeling will be absent. I will have had the feeling while at the carnival, so why can’t I capture it on film?

“You can’t capture a feeling dear. Feelings are personal. They’re free. You can’t capture freedom.” She whispers as she walks past.

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