Fred's Long Night

The sun set hours ago, but it seemed like it was still daylight. Would this day ever end?

Fred tossed and turn in his twin bed, begging for sleep to come even as he heard Ethel’s booming snores bouncing off the insulated windows.

“Where did I go wrong?” he wondered again and again. “I told that Latin bandleader and his dizzy wife I only wanted to manage the band a little while, whet my whistle with a little of the old style work.”

“But, noooooo! They had to drag me and poor Ethel halfway around the world. And when that Ernie guy from Tennessee showed up, I knew I’d made a mistake.”

“Why the hell can’t they leave me alone, let me retire? And why can’t I get to sleep. Big gig tomorrow. Gotta get some sleep. Gotta! What’m I gonna do if I can’t get me some sleep?”

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