Friday Night Lights Part 5

The game started. It wasn’t a very intense game, the competition wasn’t much. We had scored 3 touchdowns by the end of the first quarter. But every-time we scored, or made a good play, we would still scream as if the game was neck and neck.

By half time it was 35-0 so we decided to walk around under the bleachers and see what was going on.

Walking down we ran into Connor, the biggest flirt in the school. There has been a stupid rumor going around about Connor having a STD , and everyone wanted me to ask if it was true, they thought that it would be pretty amusing. So I did.

“Connor, do you have a STD ?”
“No… what!!?? Where did you hear that??”

We walked away.

We stood in a circle talking, and I kept getting pushed out of the circle, like I always do. Oh well, good old friends. And then Evan walked passed us. He was all dressed up in his spirt wear, and his face was painted completely blue.

“Evan, what did you do to your cute little face?” Linz asked.

His face was adorable, even with paint.

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