Summer Time

The sun was beating down on my face as I was laying by the pool. There were kids splashing and little baby’s crying because of the intense heat. I, on the other hand was just laying there, with my towel, sun glasses, and sunblock.

“AHH!” screamed my bff Jill, “LOOK!”
“What? Who? Where? Huh?” I said sitting up, red in the face because I had forgotten to put on sunblock, even though it was right next to me.
“Look! It’s Kurt, he is here? But…why?” she said.
“Oh, I don’t know, maybe because he wants to come and swim!” I yell, trying to be heard over the noise, “besides whats the big deal?”
“Uh, it Kurt!” He is soooooo hot!”
“Yea, uh huh, okay, whatever.”
“Your just jealous,” she said, “cause he is gonna be my boyfriend.”

Jill walked off before I could say anything. “maybe I should tell her he is going out with 3 girls already, and he will go out with 4” I thought, “o well she’ll find out sooner or later!”

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