Any Given Monday

The screeching breaks of the subway snapped me out of my trance. Looking up, I saw the Brookline Village sign, my stop. I quickly shoved the notebook into my messenger bag, grabbed my portfolio and shuffled my way onto the platform.
All thoughts of my unusual encounter faded as I ran across the tracks and down the street to the campus. I was one of the first few people already there. I liked to arrive early and grab a coffee and work on some sketches in the courtyard. It was a wonderful exercise before classes.
My morning routine proceeded as usual. I worked on some projects that were due the following week. The notebook didn’t cross my mind until lunch when I went to grab my sandwich from my bag.
As I pulled out my peanut butter and jelly on wheat (a Monday specialty), I noticed the soft cover of the chestnut book. Sitting at my table, I slowly pulled it out and opened it to that first page. The sentence stared back at me, taunting me. Before I knew it I grabbed a pen and started writing…

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