What Oil?

AM: Fem-parent-alpha-parent?
S: Yes honey?
AM: What Oil?
S: Oil? Wow. I haven’t heard that for a while.
AM: History vid spoke it today. Said lots in twen-cen.
S: Yup, we had loads of it.
AM: Fem-parent-alpha said ask you. Swore.
AM: Lots.
S: She’s never going to forgive me…
S: Ok. Oil was bascially a mixture of alkanes, and some other stuff. There used to be loads of it underground.
AM: Wow! Truth telling?
S: Yup. Tonnes of the stuff.
AM: Nanofabs must have loved it… why not we recyling?
S: Well…. I’m going to kill your mother… we burnt it.
AM: Query? Burnt?
S: Exothermic oxidation. We used it as an energy source. Mostly to move around the planet really really quickly.
AM: Joke?
S: I wish it was honey. I wish it was.

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