Lead Dirigible

I spent what felt like years up in the air, not like I could tell because I couldn’t move my arm enough to see my watch. At times, I would forget I had been human, and I was just a mass of air blowing around with the other air particles.

Until today.

My day started out as any other day as a balloon, I just drifted around. It was summer, so it was warmer than usual, and I felt the sun shine on my back all day. Then it was night time, it was still warm, and the air felt sticky with moisture.

Suddenly, there were explosions all around me. What was this!?

Fireworks! Someone was shooting fireworks, it was the Fourth of July!

It was only a matter of seconds after this realization before one of them hit me, knocking the air out, and I dropped to the ground like a rock.

I found myself in the woods, the people shooting the fireworks were nowhere in sight. I figured that was good though, since I still had to fix my appearance a bit after being carelessly balloon-ified by my “daughter.”

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