Not Who I Thought He Was

School had been a little awkward the next few weeks. With Connor and everything. But luckily now that we started block, I only had to see him on gold days.

But since today was a gold today, I had to deal with him… and Connor looked at me weird the entire day, so much for taking a friend’s dare!! Besides now that game was in the past, a few weeks ago, why won’t he just forget about it??? Oh well.

Today after school we had a soccer game against Bolich. We even got an early dismissal.
We won 2-0. And then we had a pretty long bus ride home…

I was talking to my lil sis Maggie, who was asking me who I liked.

Oh Evan, it had been almost a month now, he was such a good crush, okay I could tell her.

“Evan.” I told her.
“Oh, I know him, he use to date my sister.” She said.
“He dated Bridget?”
“Yeah, but they broke up, because he cheated on her.”

My heart sank.

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