Unintentional Visitors

They’d never seen lightning like this before. Of course, they’d never seen lightning inside before either.

The four of them, George, Cindy, Tommy and Jess watched as the tendrils of electricity came out of the old radiator and shot down the hallway, licking the walls and floor in short bursts, leaving scorch marks where they touched.

“Is this the right place,” asked a voice from the end of the hall.

“I think so…I mean according to the map it is,” said another voice.

The words came from the epicenter of the impromptu lightning storm, which was growing by the minute. It grew into a ball of white light and crackling energy, but then the edges straightened out and expanded until it was the size of a door.

The four were speachless as one last burst lit up the hallway and left them temporarily blinded. When their vision returned two creatures, each looking like a cross between a man, a tangerine and a dog stood looking at a large map.

“I knew this was wrong,” said one. “You’re holding the map upside down!”

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