5 things that weigh upon my heart and plague my mind.

1. I think my friend may just be my soulmate…but I’m too scared to be wrong to tell him.

2. Organized religion doesn’t sit well with me, usually. I am spiritual on my own time, and rarely ever in a church. What makes one place holier than another? What makes one grain of sand more sacred?

3. I feel lonely sometimes, even though I’m surrounded by people. I fear that no one understands me…and then shudder in fright when I remember he who does.

4. I’m scared I’ll never finish telling my stories, and that I’ll always be the Keeper, and never give life to the Teller.

5. I fear my own future occaisionally, and almost want to set down on my staircase, but then a voice, says, “Never put your head down.”

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