Does It Make Me Weird?

A few minutes after posting the Ficlet, I went and checked to see if it had earned any comments.

It had, I was surprised to see. And when I read it…I didn’t know what to think. It was posted by Storykeeper of Fae. The second part read…

What, dearheart, is weird? Take a look at my icon…

The icon in question read, “Being normal is overrated.” I glanced back up at something I’d written in the Ficlet.

Does it make me weird?

My throat closed up, because Storykeeper of Fae was right. And it was one of many things that gnawed away at me inside.

Being weird.

A lonely set of footprints across the beach…The tears welling in my eyes were salty like the ocean. Life’s been tough lately, what with Sam and Sarah and all.

Dear heart…

It was ridiculous that those words could make me cry, but they could. It sounded like something Kathy would say.

Thank you, Storykeeper of Fae, I thought.

And I meant it with my all. The footprints across the beach made me think of her words imprinted on my heart.

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