When I Die

As I walk slowly down the path to where my father is buried,I realize how much I hate my mom for making me come here and that I am afraid.
I am not afraid of the dark or the shadows that lurk beneath the willow tree.I am afraid of the thing you call death.
I am not afraid of becoming sad or depressed.That is just a feeling.I am afraid of dying and this is because:
1.You only have one life to live and I’m not living it to the fullest like I want to I have no choice.
2.Will you just die and that’s the end?No afterlife or heaven or hell?
3.Will you ever see the people you have seen in your life again?
4.Will you become a ghost and terroize the people that live?
5.Will you ever have your dreams come true if they never come true in your life?Will the hopes just fade away?Will you remember the memories you had?
These are the things I dread and there’s more.But I hope I will see you again once I die because you’re what I live for;you’re the thing I care about most;you’re the key to the life I want to live.

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