Secret admirer-"I don't write letters"

Brendan walks in and automatically makes his way to the table at which Susan was seated, and he says “Mind if I sit?â€? She nods. He takes a seat and as he begins to get comfortable, Susan is beginning to ask him questions.
“So why did you want to be so mysterious?”
At this point he is very confused,”What are you talking about, you’re the one who told Joe to tell me to meet you here so that you can tell me about your crush on me”.
“Excuse me?! You wrote me all those secret admirer letters and you’ve been trying to frame Joe.”
She couldn’t help but look into his eyes as she went on with her screaming.She had never noticed that he was so cute. He had faded blue eyes and blond hair…Almost like a younger version of Ryan Gosling, but without the beard. She stopped talking instantly. “Umm…obviously you have no idea what I’m talking about so how about we start this whole thing over again?â€? He smiles, gets up and puts out his hand for a hand shake.”Hi, my name is Brendan Walters and I don’t write letters”

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