meet the parents! (challenge)

“Hello mom, dad, I’d like you to meet Kathy, my girlfriend.”
“How do you do, Mrs. and Mr. Johnson. My name is Kathy. I am pleased to meet you.” Kathy smiled and held out her hand.
Mr. Johnson shook it. “Very nice to meet you too, Kathy.”
“Nice to meet you.” Mrs. Johnson nodded. “Well then, lets all sit down and start eating. Frank, I made your favorite meatloaf! Kathy, do you like meatloaf?”
Kathy smiled. “Very nice to meet you.”
Frank reached out and taped Kathy on the back. “No, Kathy my mother asked if you like meatloaf.”
“Yes. Of course.” Kathy replied.
“Umm…well alright then…” Mrs. Johnson sat down.
“Ok everybody take your seats.” Mr. Johnson changed the subject “So, Frank, Kathy, how did you too meet?”
“Umm…online.” Frank quickly answered. “Hey mom, please pass the ketchup.”
“Oh my…I seemed to have left it in the other room…and the potatoes too.”
“I’ll help!” offered Mr. Johnson.
They opened the door and walked into the other room. “The potatoes are in the oven, honey.”

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