robot challenge pt. 2

“Ok.” Mr. Johnson opened the oven and got out the potatoes. “Say, what do you think about that new girl Frank’s got there.”
“Oh, I don’t know.” said Mrs. Johnson, “I mean, I guess she seems alright, just, cold, almost robotic.”
“She isn’t much of a conversationalist,” Mr. Johnson joked.
“Well, it is good Frank finally has a girlfriend. He spends so much time in that lab. He hardly ever gets out.” said Mrs. Johnson.
“I don’t know, there’s something funny about that girl…”
The two grabbed the potatoes and ketchup and walked back into the dining room.
“Here you go!” Mrs. Johnson put the ketchup next to Frank on the table.
“Thanks mom.” said Frank.
“Would you like some, Kathy?”
Kathy just sat at the table, smiling.

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