robot challenge pt. 3

“Here you go!” Mrs. Johnson put the ketchup next to Frank on the table.
“Thanks mom.” said Frank.
“Would you like some, Kathy?”
Kathy just sat at the table, smiling.
Suddenly, sparks came out of her head.
“AAHHH!” screamed Mr. Johnson, dropping the potatoes.
“Oh no…” Frank walked over to Kathy and noticed a candle had been placed too close to the back of her head. Her hair had caught on fire.The heat from the fire caused her rubber face to melt, exposing circuits and wires underneath.
Oh my…I’ll…um….get some water?” Mrs. Johnson offered.
Frank stamped out the fire, sobbing. “It’s no use mom! She’s ruined!” He picked the robot up and ran out of the room, into the basement. “I knew there was something funny about that girl…” said Mr. Johnson.

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