Bad Girls Eat Quickly

Emma pulled Julie into a small bedroom, and locked the door for privacy. She was really hungry now—too hungry to worry about weirdness any longer. She looked at Julie. “Are you sure—?”

“Don’t leave me waiting out here,” Julie said. “Let me in!” She was already stripping out of her clothes, her bare breasts heaving with emotion.

So Emma took Julie in her arms and kissed her hard on the lips. Julie’s eyes rolled back in pleasure. Then Emma opened her mouth a little wider, and a little wider, and then Julie’s head and shoulders were in her mouth. Julie wriggled forward, squirming deeper into her throat. And the taste—it was like nothing Emma had ever tasted before. Warm and salty and so alive…

Before she knew it, she’d swallowed Julie all the way down. She felt the girl’s weight settle into her stomach reassuringly, heard a voice echo up her throat, “Oh, it’s so warm in here, like a hot tub!”

“I’m…glad you like it,” Emma said. “We, ah, aim to please.”

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