5 Things I Fear

1. That someday I will wake up and I won’t remember anything.

I won’t know my name, any of my best friends or where I live. I will just…...... forget.

2. That people won’t like the real me.

I feel that I have to lie to make people like me. I hate that I have to think everything over before I say it

3. That I will have no friends

Maybe someday they will all just realize they don’t like me or something

4. That I will lose my power to visit the dead.

Someday God might just not come down to me and take me with him to heaven. I kinda think He already does this sometimes.

5. That maybe some boy will never be crazy enough to love me.

He might just think I’m a little to freaky for him and he might just leave one day (that is if I ever find a boy in general)

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