*5 Things that scare me*

Life scares me. Just thinking about the future, and growing old and all that stuff that comes with age, scares me.

Here are five things that scare me;

1) Growing old- I know it’s going to happen soon enough but i don’t want it to happen if i don’t live every moment to the fullest.

2) Wasting time- I feel like we have little time to live in this world, and we can’t waste all the time we have acting stupid.

3) Being labeled- I don’t want to be “punk”, a “geek”, “Prep”,”Jock”.I refuse to be labeled. I dont want a specific group of friends that are titled..”The popular kids” or “the losers”.

4)Losing friends-I can’t afford to lose friends,only because it takes me forever to make them. People don’t like me just like that. i dont know if it’s because they find me intimidating. Its not easy for me to get along with people.

5) Betrayel- I dont want to feel hurt or betrayed or cheated on.I dont mean just in a bf/gf relationship, i mean in friendships and even within my family.I want to feel Secure.

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