secret admirer-The kiss

“And i’m susan, and i…don’t like letters.” She giggles. They both sit and talk for a while.
An hour later.
“Do you wanna go for a walk?”. He asks
“Sure”. Brendan gets up and waits for Susan as she puts on her coat.
He opens the door and holds it for her.
“Thank you!”.
As they walked around, aimlessly, he began to drop hints.
“Are you trying to ask me out?”
“Umm yeah kinda, is that creepy?”
“No, why would it be? but you’re like best friends with my boyfriend..I shouldn’t even be here with you.”
“So what’s stopping you? You can go,i’m not holding you against your will”
That was one of the rudest answers she’d heard in a while, but she couldn’t get herself to say anything mean to him.
“Well, i dont really know..I suppose i could leave.Maybe i should.” She begins to walk away.Half way down the block,she suddenly turns around, and runs toward him. When she reaches him, she kisses him, a slight peck that developed into a passionate kiss between them.
“I guess this means that i’m losing a friend”

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