Tales of Nyk and the Gestalt

“Alright, but this is the last one, me throat’s gettin’ dry…

By now you know the legends of Nyk and his slightly enchanted ship, The Gestalt. You know of the trials of his youth, the adventures of his prime, and hardships of it all.

By the time of this tale, he had become a man in his own eyes. Though his endeavors would often lead him on land, he always returned to his home and dearest friend, The Gestalt. It is known that his ship spake only to him when the wind blew threw her sails, or in the wood’s creaking and moaning. Together they sailed until the seas could offer nothing to match them, and they grew dull from it’s repetitive world.

It was then that the Lady Grey reappeared to him once more and once more did he ask favor of her. Eager again was she to aid him… and again, with a cost.

“Then I shall allow you to sail over anything but the sea,” said the Queen ghost-fox, “This ship shall change to cross and reach all paths and destinations, but atop the open water she may shatter and sink.”

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