five things ive never told anyone but wish i could

1) Im scared that once I go to high school I will lose my friends completely, they will all forget me and we’ll never speak again.

2) I cry a lot, like, almost every day. People think Im a really happy person, but really late at night i find myself crying, and I cant stop

3) I had this boyfriend who i REALLY regret. The details are really embarassing, but i COMPLETELY regret ever being with him.He didn’t know a thing about me, and he didn’t care to know either, but the most embarassing part is that I didn’t break up with him when i wanted to for over a YEAR .

4) Im scared that I really hate my mom, I don’t want to, but I find myself being annoyed by everything she does. And we fight almost every day, which I hate, but it happens anyway. I worry that when I grow up I’ll be one of those people who never talk to their mom, but I really don’t want that to happen

5) I’m deadly afraid that I’m not good at anything. I’m scared that everyone I know will do great things, adn leave me behind in the dust

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