Googe 1

Jan was drained, his respect was near zero and if he didn’t do something fast he’d be tossed out next time a patroller found him. The thought of spending a night outside the walls of the Weeg did not fill him full of hope. He massaged the still sore scar on his leg, that trick had been radical but the respect he got from it barely covered the patch up. He needed something totally sweet, something really new, to keep him inside the firewall and not a slurpy.
There was only one thing for it, ask the Googe for some help.
Just thinking that made his whole body shake, the nano security bots running through his system making sure he’d not picked up some death wish compulsion STD after his last fling. Little green lights flashed behind his eyes and he grinned, any insanity he was currently experiencing was home grown. Or his security was out of date, again. With that slightly sobering thought he went looking for an outlet.

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