Googe 2

He found the cat scavenging tech from a slurpy. Jan tried not to look at the blank eyed figure convulsing on the ground as the cat clawed the silvery shards from the back of it’s neck. He knelt down, keenly aware he was already being scanned by the small creature that was to all appearances ignoring him, these things had to be done properly.

“Hai” he intoned, the cat titled his head but continued it’s scrabbling. “I can has connection? K?” he continued. The cat slid round to look at him, it’s sliver eyes gazing into his as it licked it’s blood stained paw. Then it reared up and held it’s front paws apart in front of it.

“Invisible Cheesburger.” it said, it’s voice high and squeeky. “Wat kan I do four you?”

“I can has one shot cool stuff?” Jan asked, mentally crossing his fingers. “Schneier cool?”

“Schneier cool? Plus plus Norris?” It mewed.

“Yup, not Bauer though.” he tapped his knee. “My meat couldn’t handle.”

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