can't tell you

I can’t bring myself to express the words in the only part of my heart that you haven’t touched. I can’t bring myself to tell you how my stomad felt when you opened the door and your green eyes matched your green shirt. And I just can’t find the words to say that i actually like your military haircut, but who can resist a guy in uniform? I just can’t seem to day how bad it hurt whenI scrolled through the numbers in my phone and I passed right over your name even though my heart did a flip just seeing those letters on the screen. I can’t tell anyone just how sorry I am that iI can’t find the words to say just how amazing I think your art is even though that doesn’t come across when you ask me and I’ll never be able to say that I hate the way you seem to look past me when I upset you but I hate even more the way you look at me when I make you laugh. Nope, ‘ll never tell a soul that your smile makes me weak and the way you say my name makes me giggle. I’ll never tell a soul. Or maybe I just won’t tell you.

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