5 Things I've Never Told Anybody.

1.) I’m deathly afraid of doing something wrong. ex. When I was getting a C in science, my teacher pulled me over and talked to me. When I came back my friend told me I looked like I was going to cry. And well.. I was. Pretty pathetic, actually.

2.) I love change. I love to think about all the possibilities of what could happen, what we would do.. all of it. I love it. Which leads me to fantasize what I would do in tragic situations – viewer discretion advised.

3.) I’ve had friend that have said this to me, no lie:
“I’m becoming too popular to hang out with you anymore.”
from then on i’m very careful not to drift away from friends, and also cautious with who I hang out with. But I guess it’s alright, seeing as I’m more popular than she now. nah nah nahnah nah.

4.) Nobody believes me when I say this, but I’m really shy. Usually, I’m outgoing beyond belief, but sometimes.. idk, I’m not sure how to explain it.

5.) I need a hug from somebody daily – teddy bears don’t hug back.

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