I stared down at the lacy gift from Jenna Jr. and laughed to myself. This bitch could not take a hint. I wasn’t interested in some guy’s sloppy seconds. I definitely wasn’t interested in the STDs that probably came along with it. I tried turning her down nicely, now I was gonna have to be rude.

When I went to knock on their door I noticed that it was already cracked.

“Hello?” I said as I knocked lightly. The knock opened the door a little farther. I could see the poor bastard that must have been on the receiving end of last night’s romp. He was lying face-down on the bed, asleep.

“I think your girl lost these,” I said. I leaned into the room and tossed the thong on the bed next to him.

I almost turned to leave; In retrospect, maybe I should have, but the guy was a little too still. I walked over to the bed and shook him. He was cold to the touch. Bitch must have fucked him to death, I thought.

The approaching sirens told me that I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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