The house wasn’t as dressed up and nice as Rachel’s, but it still was tidy, and it looked.. alright.

“Brett..” she looked at him.

“What?” he answered in his cute little high pitched voice.

“Why don’t you show Aunt Heather your room?”

He looked at me but then ran to hide behind Rachel’s legs. She laughed and pushed him out, and as I did I bent down and tickled him.

“Why won’t you show me your room?” I asked, still tickling him. He couldn’t stop laughing to answer, so I stopped. He looked up at me, I gave him one final tickle, and he grabbed my hand and lead me upstairs.

I turned back to look at Shade, as if to say, “We need one of these.”

He stuck his tongue out at me and followed us up to Brett’s room, where Tom was cleaning up some of Brett’s toys.

“Heather!” he looked suprised.

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