Herald of Doom

He was outside the space station when it happened. Suddenly, it grew dark and he looked up to see a shape passing between the station and the sun. As it slipped soundlessly past he realized that it was neither close nor as small as he first thought; In fact, it was huge.

He stood alone, with only the crackle of his radio and the sound of his own breathing as the huge chunk of rock plummeted towards planet below. It hit near the horizon; he remembered to look away just in time to save his vision though the flash was bright enough that even the light reflected through his helmets visor was visible through his clenched eyes.

As the static caused by the objects passage through the atmosphere of the Earthsbegan to clear he though he could hear shouts from his comrades inside the station. Without tearing his gaze from the plume of fire and rock rising up through the atmosphere and back into space, he turned his radio off. He stood, alone and silent, as he watched the shockwave raced outward like a herald of doom.

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